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Monthly Archives: October 2007

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks” had a wonderful first year at the Ottawa Antiquarian Book Fair. I have to first thank my two lovely assistants Bev and my significant other Michelle (at right) pictured above. Without their invaluable hard work I would have been, frankly, a mess. I would also like to thank David Dorken of The Astrolabe Gallery who […]

A note to our customers

I have put our AbeBooks listings on “vacation” until sometime early next week. will be attending the 27th Annual Ottawa Antiquarian Book Fair this weekend and some of the stock we will be presenting includes books from our online listings. Revised online listings will be available again early next week. Thanks and wish us […]

A perfect tempest-in-a-teapot

Only two posts ago I was waxing rhapsodically about the potential of Teh Intarwebs to bring us all together. Nothing like a collision of bureaucracy and capitalism to make jackasses of us all (via Bookninja). The libraries in question obviously have some valid concerns, but I’m still disappointed—in that I’m often disappointed in human nature […]

La guerra de los mundos

I recently stumbled on this incredible The War of the Worlds cover collection. I’m not sure how I found it, but I keep going back to look at it again and again. My first time viewing the collection, I thought it was fun but didn’t give it much thought. But every time I’ve been back […]

“The formula and perfect compendium of all the rest…”

The Harvard-Google Project (via Rare Book News) is the “perfect-storm” online initiative for me. According to The Harvard Crimson: “The initiative is part of Google’s larger objective to digitize the world’s libraries into a widely accessible and easy-to-search form.” This is the kind of project that makes me swing wildly between optimism and trepidation. As […]

Doris Lessing Nobel Laureate

I know, I know, you’ve heard about this already: Doris Lessing has won the Nobel Prize for literature. But let’s take a moment and process the fact that the same year that McCarthy’s powerful post-apocalyptic novel The Road has won the Pulitzer Prize; a full-blown, unapologetic science fiction writer has won the Nobel. These wonderful […]

“Books remain–barnacle like…”

In the last few months I’ve read a lot of dire predictions concerning the possible decline and death of the book. Bookninja recently linked to a welcome alternative to what I consider mostly sky-is-falling-style anti-news. I think a number of journalists are lazily hopping on to an unstable bandwagon. The technology of the book (as […]

27th Annual Ottawa Antiquarian Book Fair will have a display at the 27th Annual Ottawa Antiquarian Book Fair, to be held at the Ottawa Congress Centre, October 27th and 28th. This Fair is a wonderful event that brings together over 60 vendors from across Canada. I attended as a punter last year and going this year as a bookseller is […]

Banned Books Week

This week the American Library Association is celebrating Banned Books Week–or as they put it: “Celebrating the Freedom to Read”. I encourage all of you to check it out. We take for granted that we in the Western industrialized nations live in free societies and that we are free to choose our own paths at […]